Treatments are tailored to each individual’s presenting health picture. This is an ongoing process, reviewed between practitioner and patient at regular intervals of treatment. The aim is to help each individual to get well as soon as possible.


How many treatments will I need?

Typically, a course of acupuncture treatment will be 5 or 6 sessions. The time between treatments depends on the condition. Weekly sessions are typical to start, in order to make progress with your presenting health concern. Later, less frequent maintenance sessions may be useful. Some conditions require 2-3 treatments per week to start, in order to progress most quickly.

Will it hurt?

Each person has an individual response to acupuncture needling, which may vary from session to session. The needles are as fine as a human hair, and not hollow as needles used to administer medicine or extract blood are. This tends to lessen the sensation of the needle at the point of insertion. Typically, insertion is painless, or may feel similar to a mosquito bite and the feeling during treatment has been described as tingling, gentle pulling, or simply relaxing. Many patients experience a distinct sense of relaxation during treatment.

Chinese Cupping:

What is it and will it hurt?

Chinese cupping involves application of a smooth glass cup, in which a vacuum suction and negative pressure has been created, to areas of muscle tension, chronic fascial adhesions, and areas of muscle spasm or tissue congestion. Typical sessions involve application of 4-6 cups, and include application of sliding technique or stationary application for 5-15 minutes. The aim is to increase blood flow to areas of pain or restriction, reduce adhesions in connective tissue, and thereby encouraging free flow and natural movement in tissues. It is often helpful for areas chronic tension (long-standing knots!). The feeling during treatment has been described as a relaxing suction.

What is Community Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture offers a more affordable way to increase the frequency of acupuncture treatments by offering sessions in an open room with others present, simple and concise intake, with minimal talking. Fees are $25 per treatment. Very suitable for ongoing conditions such as chronic pain, persistent stress, anxiety, headaches, but many conditions can be addressed. Some may be better suited to one-on-one treatments; please discuss when you call 717.723.1362 to book. Enhanced harmony, relaxation and healing from the energy of the group setting are often reported from those who like this treatment setting.

Therapeutic massage:

What makes up a therapeutic massage treatment?

Therapeutic massage involves a discussion of client goals and concerns. A treatment is designed to specifically address an ongoing condition or target area, or can be designed with general well-being, relaxation, and stress reduction in mind.

Massage can be provided through the clothes, as in Acupressure or Tui Na, or possibly with the use of therapeutic oils to help loosen muscle tension and increase benefits for the skin.

If relevant, we can refer you to a number of affiliated professionals that may complement treatment you receive.